NFL pundits way off on predictions

If the National Football League “experts” are correct. the following things will happen in the 2019 season:

1. The reign of the New England Patriots will end at the hands of the Buffalo Bills.

2. The Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs will meet in the Super Bowl in early February.

3. The Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers will take up the bottom of the NFC North this season — with the Lions winning just three or four games and the Packers finishing below .500.

It should be pointed out that the above predictions are coming from publications that make a living making such calls.

But that doesn’t make them relevant.

Unless Tom Brady discovers that he is nearing 45 years old and Bill Belichick forgets how to coach, there is no way the Pats will lose out in this division.

And it sure won’t be the sub-par Bills that end their domination.

I can see the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs making it to the Super Bowl. They’ve got a solid team in KC and the combination of Mahomes to eight end Travis Kelcie is a potent one.

The Cowboys, on the other hand. have shown in recent seasons that they are suspect in several areas. One of those is at quarterback where Dak Prescott, while a good signalcaller, is not the kind of elite one on you need to advance far.

Throw in the constant meddling of owner Jerry Jones and you have a problem. Jones is one of those “rich bugs” owners who think they know everything about the game …. and really don’t.

The Lions and Packers aren’t going to flounder, either.

Detroit has done a lot to patch up the holes that existed a year ago, particularly on defense.

The addition of Mike Daniels from the Green Bay waiver list and free agent Trey Flowers are only going to help the team.

If quarterback Matthew Stafford is finally going to earn his big salary, this has to be the year. Stafford will have a selection of receivers to choose from. The new tight end crop is much improved and will be the key to any success the Lions are going to have.

Any team with Aaron Rodgers at the helm is dangerous against any foe. The Packers need last year’s crop of rookie receivers to step up to aid Davante Adams, who’s one of the best going.

Green Bay really shook up the defense, getting rid of such staples as Daniels and Clay Matthews. New coach Matt LaFleur’s success will depend on how improved the defense is.

I like both the Lions and Packers to battle for a wildcard spot, although Minnesota and Chicago look tough.

Time will tell, however.


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