Peterson: Super Bowl again is Super Hype

I can honestly say that I’ve watched every Super Bowl that’s ever been played.

And with very few exceptions, all of them have been overhyped by the media.

Of course, probably a half of the people in this country can make the same claim as I have done.

The Super Bowl is like Thanksgiving, the Fourth of July and Labor Bay wrapped into one party-filled extravaganza for Americans.

Sometimes, it seems like there’s more interest in just who will provide the halftime entertainment.

Will it be Hootie and the Blowfish? Or maybe even Janet Jackson (without a wardrobe gaffe). And you can bet there will be musical group or two that I’ve never heard of in my life.

There will be endless hours of pre-game coverage. The NFL Channel, not surprisingly, will be in Miami for something like 90 straight hours.

The media day will also take the stage, with such luminaries as Playboy Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and MTV on hand to fire as many inane questions as they can.

Speaking of MTV, the music cable channel used to have such icons as Julie “Downtown” Brown asking questions of players like “what are you going to dress in today?”

Still, that so-called query doesn’t hold a candle to the one asked of Washington Redskins quarterback Doug Williams back in the day when he was asked: “How long have you been a black quarterback?”

In the early days, we found out the Minnesota Vikings didn’t belong in a Super Bowl. They were demolished in three games.

And later on, the evidence was clear the Buffalo Bills had no clue how to play the big game, although they did lose one of the four games they were in when a last-second field goal sailed wide.

Getting down to brass tacks, I believe this Super Bowl will be a good game between the 49ers and Chiefs.

These two teams are the future of the National Football League, stocked with young, lightning quick talent.

As for a prediction, I’m taking the 49ers by a 31-28 score decided by a last-second field by Robbie Gould.

Gould, as Chicago Bears fans will well remember, wasn’t re-signed by the Bears a couple of seasons ago.

And at age 36, he still has several seasons left.


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