Some sports quotes to peruse

In the troubled times we find ourselves in today, perhaps a few sports quotes will give us something to think or even chuckle about.

It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine, so let’s give it a shot.

Yogi Berra, perhaps the most quotable sports figure ever, was once asked what time it was: “You mean right now?” was his his answer.

Harry Caray, Hall of Fame announcer. describing a play: “How could Jorge Orta lose a fly ball in the sun? He’s from Mexico.”

Former Princeton University basketball coach Pete Caril, after being asked about the three-point ability of one of his players: “It’s not that he can’t shoot the 3-pointer, it’s that he can’t make them.”

NHL great Gordie Howe, talking about his profession: “Hockey players are bilingual, they know English and profanity.”

Former Baltimore Orioles third baseman John Lowenstein, on his relatively low batting average: “World War III will render all statistics meaningless.”

Late Detroit Tigers manager Sparky Anderson, describing muscular outfielder Kirk Gibson to a reporter: “He’s built like a Greek goddess.”

Former NBA star Bill Walton, after being asked about minor surgery he was scheduled for: “The only minor surgery is that being performed on someone else.”

Baseball announcing legend and former MLB catcher Bob Uecker, on how he was able to catch knuckleballing ace Phil Niekro: “I wait until the ball stops rolling …. then pick it up.”

Yogi Berra again, on a popular New York nightspot: “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.”

Hockey player Duncan Keith, on his many missing teeth: “My teeth weren’t great to start with, maybe I’ll to get some better ones.”

Former Detroit sportswriter Jerry Green, describing a roughing penalty on Lions massive offensive tackle Aaron Gibson: “He pounced on him like he was a juicy cheeseburger.”

Former Lions coach Darryl Rogers, on being in last place in his division: “What’s a guy have to do to get fired around here?”

Casey Stengel, the famed Yankees manager, on his secret to the game: “They say it can’t be done, but that doesn’t always work.”

Bob Uecker, again, on the  end of his baseball career: “I knew my career was over in 1965. There was no picture on my baseball card.”


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