MTU bike trails open for spring, summer

HOUGHTON — The Michigan Tech Recreational Trails are open to members and we’re doing our best to get trails in quality riding conditions.

Only local riders are permitted and social distancing guidelines are in effect. We know the many people who visit the Keweenaw to ride the Tech Trails will be disappointed, but to best protect our community we ask you to enjoy your local trails and come see us when the situation has improved.

The Systems Control Nordic Waxing Center and community space is closed. We’re operating with limited staff and services. The maintenance focus is on maintaining single-track trails, followed by the larger ski trails as the summer season progresses.

Here are some guidelines for mountain bike safety and to help stem the spread of COVID-19:

— Expect trail conditions to vary and plan accordingly. Currently, plan for wet, muddy spots consistent with spring conditions.

— Ride within your ability level and limits. Now is not the best time to test your skills. Injuries on the trails will require first responders and medical staff services, situations in which social distancing is difficult.

— Slow down and stay alert when passing another biker. Communicate with each other from a distance about how to proceed. Better yet, take the initiative to yield and offer space. Step off-trail perpendicular to the trail by six feet or more to let your fellow rider pass. Leave your bike on the trailside or carry it with you. Walk back to the trail the same way you stepped off to minimize your impact.

— Watch out for new trail users. With gyms and rec centers closed, there may be a higher learning curve for bikers new to the sport. Please use this opportunity to do your part for community education on responsible riding and demonstrate how to be patient, exemplary stewards.

— Model social distancing on trails and trailheads at all times. Be the example-and stay at least two bike lengths away.

Trail memberships are required. Day passes are available via the pay pipe and daily pass envelopes at the trailheads.


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