Peterson: The things you won’t see in 2020

In this — whacky and never seen before — world we’re living in, there are going to be things you are not going to see in 2020.

It’s bad enough that that high school and college tournament seasons in hockey and basketball were washed away.

I especially feel for all the seniors who never got to play that final game of their careers.

Then, we lost the major league baseball season, even though the MLB insists it is still trying to implement an 80-game season and post season in the next month or so.

Good luck on that as several star players are already saying they don’t want to get paid of for half of a year.

That’s the kind of greed that has turned off many people to pro sports.

There’s also the matter of playing the games in stadiums that will be cleared for the most part because of COVID-19.

I believe the fall college football season might be in the most jeopardy of any sport.

The are just too many colleges (Division I, II and III) sponsoring the sport for there not to be major problems with scheduling.

The National Football League might be in the best logistical shape of all pro teams, believe it or not.

With just 32 teams and a 17-game regular season schedule, the NFL might be able to find just enough locations safe enough to play in.

Can you imagine telling Green Bay Packers season ticket-holders they mave to travel to Minnesota or Detroit for a home game.

Sports aside, consider what’s been lost locally because of the pandemic.

We also won’t have the chance to watch any July Fourth festivities. There isn’t going to be a Chassell Strawberry Festival or a Baraga Lumberjack Days. Or any number of other celebrations that were planned.

And that’s still not the worst scenario going down the road.

If there’s another outbreak coming up, we could lose the fall and winter sports seasons for everyone.

And that’s very scary.


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