Peterson: Can it be there is a glimmer?

Somewhere in all the darkness that has been 2020, there has to be a glimmer of light.

No, I’m not unrealistic enough to believe a vaccine will be miraculously discovered to combat COVID-19 in the next few weeks.

But it would be nice to hope that sports — in some form — can be restored before fall arrives.

I firmly believe the loss of sports has damaged the American psyche greatly, far more than most people would believe.

Late and great Hall of Fame basketball coach Al McGuire once said “Sports is the coffee break of life.” He was 100 percent correct because the dull routine of life has to contain coffee breaks.

All of the major sports (football, baseball, basketball and hockey) are working on plans to restart their games. Even if it is without spectators.

I think the plan by some major college football conferences to go to a strictly in-league schedule has some merit. That concept would eliminate travel and hopefully keep things safe to a degree. But it will almost certainly shut out the fans, who are an integral part of the game as much as any other.

The National Basketball League is having some unproven success with its “bubble” plan. That is to keep all the teams isolated as much as possible.

One glaring problem with it is that the teams are playing in Florida — one of the top trouble spots in the nation for the virus.

Baseball and hockey are trying to keep their teams playing in one or two places, with cardboard figures and nearly empty stadiums as a backdrop.

Judging that concept will depend entirely on how strict enforcement of the rules can be.

The National Football League, the one league that has the most political pull of them all, will also try to restrict the number of stadiums used.

The NFL has the advantage of playing fewer games and it also has a humongous television package to fall back on. As always, money talks.

I believe we’ll see a pay-for-view TV plan fall into place for one or more of the sports before fall arrives.

Maybe the Michigan High School Athletic Association has the best remedy.

And that is to begin sports seasons on schedule and closely monitor them from week-to-week. Then the MHSAA will decide whether to continue or not.

Nobody knows and that is about par in this crazy year.


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