Peterson: Rebuilding in Motown never ends

As they used to say in Washington, D.C., the rebuilding season is never-ending

But that term would also aptly describe the current sports scene in Detroit.

It wasn’t always this way. Not long ago, the Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons had championships to celebrate.

The town was even referring to itself as the City of Champions … for a short time.

Indeed, the moribund Lions even had a rare winning season or two.

But all of that has drastically changed in recent years.

All four of Detroit’s four professional franchises are closer to train wrecks than anything else in this tarnished year of 2020.

The Red Wings finished as the losingest team in the National Hockey League last season, even though past legend Steve Yzerman was named general manager.

I have a hunch that Yzerman will bring about positive change before too long, banking on younger players.

The Tigers didn’t lose 100 games this year (playing just 60 contests) and showed signs of becoming an average major league team.

If new manager A.J Hinch, who had a record of success at Houston, can get some power into his lineup, the team could be OK in the future.

Of course, Hinch will be under suspicion for his tarnished past in Houston. And if he does produce, expect senate probes.

The Pistons, for those few people who follow the team, are simply short of talent.

Coach Dwane Casey always has a perpetually frustrated look on his face. He has a couple of good players in oft-injured Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

But Drummond is one of those players who produces big stats (double figures in scoring and rebounding) but usually is a no-show in the big games.

The Lions have frustrated their fans since the 1960s, when they were at least competitive.

It’s not that there isn’t any talent there. They have the top kicking game in the NFL and there are several good receivers.

Quarterback Matt Stafford puts up big stats but always manages a big mistake or two when the game is on the line. I suspect he may retire in a year or so.

For the sake of their long-suffering fans, let’s hope that inept coach Matt Patricia is soon sent packing along with general manager Bob Quinn, whose New England experiment has failed miserably in Detroit.

If all that is done, there may be hope for all Detroit sports fans in the future.

But don’t put any money on it.


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