Peterson: Stars getting more airy

It’s getting pretty close to desperation time when the sports TV personalities start running shows in which sports stars wax philosophical.

I’m talking about the segment run last week by Kenny Mayne of ESPN with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers couldn’t come up with a concise answer about why he and the Packers management can reach an agreement for the upcoming season.

Rodgers, an educated man with a degree from Cal-Berkley, spoke vaguely about culture and character lacking in Titletown.

In the same breath, he talked about his admiration for his teammates, coaches and the fans in Green Bay.

I was like a few other people who simply said: Huh?

Now, pro football isn’t about brain surgery. Or even knee injury.

It’s all about finding the toughest — and if I can use the word — meanest players on the planet.

As the late and great Vince Lombardi used to say: “Give me 11 guys who want to go out every Sunday and leave their guts out on the field.”

That’s the kind of language fans expect to hear, even though the NFL has changed since the good old days of Lombardi, who I know would have frowned on the garish hairdos and tatoos sported by many of today’s players.

I know there was some talk about lost cap money for Rodgers perhaps costing the Packers some money.

But for the Most Valuable Player in the league, money should not figure in. And it’s not like he is without other options.

Without him at quarterback, Green Bay would be just another mediocre team, struggling to find .500.

Will Rodgers give in and submit to a trade? I think not and fully expect to see behind center when the team plays at New Orleans on Sept. 12 to open the season.


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