Ruling is going to have effects

The recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding college athletics will have far-reaching effects.

Although some parties believe the change in compensation for college athletes will not cause sweeping changes, I don’t see how it can’t.

The high court ruling stated that the NCAA shouldn’t be able to set limits on what an athlete is compensated for.

“The NCAA is not above the law,” Justice Brett Kavanaugh stated in concurring with the court’s decision.

It’s been a belief of many college coaches and administrators that the NCAA has taken just that stance in the past.

The lawsuit initiated by a pair of college students was filed seven years ago, so you can see just how slowly the wheels of justice can turn.

There are many variables that will have to be considered before a single paycheck is written to a student athlete.

Colleges — at least the larger ones — rely on two revenue-making sports to pay the bills. Those are football and men’s college basketball.

That leaves the question, and it’s a $64 million (much larger) one, how do athletes in sports like volleyball, skiing, soccer etc, fairly get their slice of the pie?

The major question will be whether all colleges will continue to carry as many sports as they have, or load up on the “big” money ones out there.

That could lead to a bigger football arms race than the one already in place among the Alabamas, Ohio States, Michigans, Oklahomas, Southern Californias and others in the big time.

Another question will be how to separate Title 9 sports from the others.

A big part of the recent ruling is based on the amount of money paid to athletes for company endorsements.

It also may be that colleges will look at compensating students by setting up a bonus package or a free intern program after graduation.

Only time will tell where this one is going.


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