Racing returns to Ontonagon: Adventure Mountain set to host snowmobile and stock car racing events in 2019

At Monday night’s meeting of the Mountain Lions club of Greenland, the club decided to bring snowmobile racing back to Adventure Mountain.

While the main focus of the meeting was to approve a Mid America Snow and Terrain Expert Racers (MASTERS) Racing Circuit-sanctioned “Terra-X” snowmobile race, an update was also given on the return of stock car racing to Adventure Mountain Speedway.

Back in October, the Mountain Lions heard a presentation from a local group on the idea of bringing back stock car racing to the one third-mile dirt track. The club agreed to allow this group to manage the track and up to four special races in the summer of 2019.

Leading the resurrection of the track and the racing will be Larry Greig. Greig found volunteers to begin work on the track in the fall.

“The track is going to take a lot of work,” said Greig, “even though I have found some special people to already help work on the track. With the track not having any racing for a number of years, it is going to take a lot of people and equipment to have it ready for our first race next summer.”

The volunteers of the Mountain Lions will use the funds from 50/50 raffles at the races to help them in the many charitable projects they do locally and with Lions International. The Mountain Lions also have a raffle going on now to help raise funds to bring skiing back to Adventure Mountain Ski Hill along with other improvements to the Ontonagon County Fairgrounds.

Those projects are on hold until the engineer creates plans for the horse stable and bid documents for both the horse stable and rope tow.

The raffle includes a first place prize of a Cub Cadet riding mower. Second prize is an Ariens snowblower, and third is a Tanaka weed trimmer. The drawing will be at the end of October 2019.

The club will have a concession stand in their clubhouse for the MASTERS Terra-X race, which will take place on Adventure Mountain. MASTERS officials stated that they may use a portion of the property at the bottom of the former Ski Hill for the race.

Terra-X is a new form of snowmobile racing that will appeal to all levels and snowmobiles. The racers will run against the clock on a course of many turns and challenges. Then, the two fastest sleds in the class will race against each other in a “class shoot-out.”

The small Ontonagon County community has made its mark in both snowmobile and stock car racing. Greenland is the home of some of the top snowmobile racers in the Midwest, including Al Turin, Kip McIntyre, and the Lukkari Racing team.

Greenland is also where some stock car racers that now race nationally at WISSOTA-sanctioned races got their start. This group includes Jesse Aho, Michael Truscott, and Jordan Kurtti.

Greig stated that the limited schedule of stock car races at Adventure Mountain Speedway will focus on special races, along with some forms of stock car racing that will be new and exciting for the fans. Greig is currently putting together a staff of people to work at the track.

Mountain Lions President Dave Guilbault stated at Monday Night’s meeting that the club received a “membership satisfaction” patch to attach to the banner. Guilbault read a letter from Lions International which accompanied the patch.