Tracking them down: Lakes girls, Copper Kings boys win in Lake Linden

Jamie Glenn/AP Photo Lake Linden’s Cole Gregiore attempts to catch a hurdler from Chassell during a qualifying hurdles run during the Houghton County Invitational Friday at Warner Field.

LAKE LINDEN — After several days of rain, and even snow, cancellations, Friday finally proved to be great weather for all sports. The Houghton County Invitational was hosted by the Lake Linden-Hubbell Lakes at Warner Field. Nearly every school that participated came away with a first place finish in one event. The hosts lead the girls with 170 points overall and the Calumet Copper Kings boys took first overall with 155 points.

The Houghton Gremlins girls came away with 152 points overall for second place, with first place finishes coming in the 3200-meter relay with a time of 10:50.76 from the team of Maria Velate, Ingrid Seagren, Raven Johnson and Maryellen Trewhella.

Jillian Cyrus finished first in the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 55.37 and Seagren won the 3200-meter run with a finish of 12:35.55.

“Overall we did really well,” said Houghton girls coach Alissa Schmidt. “We had some girls missing but a lot of the girls who were here stepped up and Coach Becky and I have been really impressed with everyone’s events today.”

In the field events of shot put and discus, first place went to Houghton’s Lily Williston with throws of 33-feet-2 and 103-feet-11, respectively.

Schmidt is also looking forward to hosting Monday’s meet.

“Our distance crew has been doing really well and the shot put girls have really been impressive,” Schmidt. “Our next meet is Monday, so we’re really looking forward to that on our fabulous new facility. We’ll just have a restful weekend hopefully and be ready for the meet on Monday.”

The Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Blue Bolts finished the day in sixth place for the girls with 20 points and the boys came away with fourth overall for 30 points. Johnny Norland took first the 800-meter run with a time of 2:10.08.

Coach Ben Tempas saw some areas that his team needs to improve on.

“We had some serious errors in relays,” said Tampas. “I’d rather have them now then at regionals, so I guess we got those (errors) out of the way and we know what we need to work on.

“Our relay teams are consistently getting better. Our top performers are really becoming elite. Johnny Norland broke another school record today (by) taking another two seconds off of a record that he already held.”

High points throughout the day for the Hancock Bulldogs included a meet and Warner Field record broken in pole vault by Austin Salani with a jump of 12-feet-7. The Bulldogs relay team won the 1600-meter. Ellie Sturos won the girls’ 1600-meter run as well.

Both were part of a very strong day for the Bulldogs as they begin to condition for the regional meet.

“Right now, we’re actually in some of our better events here, which I’m pretty pleased with how we’ve been performing in the last couple of meets,” said Hancock coach Dan Pertile before Karena Holmstrom’s final attempt at the long jump. “Early on, we have some highlights already, Karena Holmstrom has first place in (the) long jump. Hopefully she can get over 15-feet. We’re looking for that.”

She ended up winning the event at 14-feet-3.

“Then Austin Salani has the new Houghton County record and Warner Field record on pole vault,” said Pertile. “Our mid distance and distance woman are doing really well right now. Ellie Sturos, Makenna Nuttall, and Kalli Chynoweth, they’re all all running really well for us in the 800, the mile and the two mile so those are our strengths right now so we’re kind of building off of those.

“Staying healthy is important as we get closer to the regionals. So, making sure were not over training, making sure were being smart about our training so that the kids are at their best.”


1, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 170; 2, Houghton, 152; 3, Hancock, 69; 4, Calumet, 61; 5, Chassell, 50; 6, Dollar Bay, 20.

3200-meter relay: Houghton, 10:50.76

100-meter hurdles: Mackenzie Peters, Calumet, 17.18

100-meter dash: Joslynn Perala, Lake Linden-Hubbell,13.64

800-meter relay: Kaitlyn Baccus, Piper Tarvis, Abby Beaudoin, Camaryn Crouch, Lake Linden-Hubbell,1:58.88

1600-meter run: Ellie Sturos, Hancock, 5:46.76

400-meter relay: Kaitlyn Baccus, Camaryn Crouch, Abby Beaudoin, Joslynn Perala

Lake Linden-Hubbell, 55.89

400-meter dash: Mariah Willmer, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 1:05.10

300-meter hurdles: Jillian Cyrus, Houghton, 55.37

800-meter run: Mariah Willmer, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 2:34.00

200-meter dash: Carli Jacques, Calumet, 28.75

3200-meter run: Ingrid Seagren, Houghton, 12:35.55

1600-meter relay: Karena Holmstrom, Kalli Chynoweth, Kami Klein, Ellie Sturos, Hancock, 4:31.84


Shot put: High jump: Lily Williston, Houghton, 33-feet-2

High Jump: Jamie Hendrickson,Lake Linden-Hubbell, 5-feet

Pole vault: Mackenzie Lepage, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 9-feet

Long jump: Karena Holmstrom, Hancock 14-feet-3


1, Calumet, 155; 2, Houghton, 153; 3, Lake Linden-Hubbell,125; 4, Dollar Bay, 30; 5, Chassell, 25; 6, Hancock, 23;

3200-meter relay: Houghton, 9:25.87

100-meter hurdles: Jensen Schneiderhan, Calumet, 16.63

100-meter dash: Carter Crouch, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 11.86

800-meter relay: Jensen Schneiderhan, Dryden Nelson, Travis Ojala, Andrew Lundquist, Calumet, 1:39.04

1600-meter run: Joe. Wood, Houghton, 5:04.70

400-meter relay: Matt Ojala, Dryden Nelson, Travis Ojala, Andrew Lundquist,

Calumet, 48.03

400-meter dash: Matt Ojala, Calumet, 54.79

300-meter hurdles: Jensen Schneiderhan, Calumet, 43.25

800-meter run: Johnny Norland, Dollar Bay, 2:10.08

200-meter dash: Matt Ojala, Calumet, 24.27

3200-meter run: Joe Wood, Houghton, 10:30.62

1600-meter relay: Houghton, 3:50.98

Discus: Sam Wilson, Chassell, 133-feet-2

Shot put: Jayden Gariepy, Calumet, 42-feet-10

High jump: Cole Gregoire, Lake Linden-Hubbell, 5-feet-8

Pole vault: Austin Salani, Hancock, 12-feet-7

Long jump: Nick Djerf, Calumet, 18-feet


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