MDNR: Highland Copper to reduce environmental impact

HOUGHTON — The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says actions to be taken by Highland Copper to reduce the impact of exploratory operations in the Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park include:

• Operating only on frozen ground to prevent or reduce surface disturbance.

• Using existing roads to access test holes when feasible. When necessary, the company will build new routes, avoiding steep slopes and tree removal to minimize erosion.

• Avoiding cutting trees where possible; where trees are damaged, the state will be reimbursed for those trees at current market value.

• Using specialized tracked equipment to reduce surface disturbance and minimize the number of trips in the park.

• Instituting additional planning and control measures at any drainage or stream crossings. No wetland filling or stream crossing installations are planned.

• Working with an on-site DNR Parks and Recreation Division employee to inform any decisions made regarding alternate access routes, surface disturbance or tree removal.