Feelings on freshly fallen snow

Paula Porter/For the Mining Gazette Freshly fallen snow in the Copper Country

Any true Yooper knows the delight of fresh snow.

The whiteness to it, the freshness to it, the kind of depth it has. The quality of stickiness and weight to it. Pristine snow is heaven-sent.

It’s magical to be the first on it. Being the very first person to walk on it. Or first one to drive through it. Especially if it’s a thick freshly fallen layer. That one is right up there with feeling like a true explorer.

Nothing compares to skiing first, sledding first or snowshoeing first on that untouched layer. Maybe even a little taste if it’s super clean and fresh. It reminds us of the true beauty of the Copper Country.

Growing up here, Keweenaw kids see snow as a way of life. It inevitably happens that snow becomes a love for many. It’s an effortless love and it happens to most of us.

One of our all-time favorite winter pastimes is watching the falling of giant thick flakes, the kind that seem like everything and everyone is in one big magic snowglobe. That is the absolute most amazing snow.

As adults, perhaps, we make snow mazes for our own kids and get to pull them on antique red cutter wooden and metal sleds. Then, we buy the kids their first red shovel, first snowsuits. All the while, we’re hoping they too fall in love with snow.

Snow for us here in the Copper Country is a way of life – especially playing in it, building with it, moving it. Snow, snow and more snow. Months of snow falling and cold temperatures. Over and over, we wake up to snow. We learn to make our very own backyard or barn ice rink, stringing bright lights to skate at night. Skating, building snow tunnels and making elaborate snow houses.

Maybe we’re even brave and learn the bunny hill on downhill skis. Perhaps building an igloo, or snow luge, or of course making snow angels. Snowman building, snow statues, painting the snow different colors even. Yoopers spend hours upon hours learning to plow, having fun while gaining valuable life skills. Then, there’s boot hockey, snowball fights and lastly shoveling.

Everything about fresh snow is exhilarating in the Copper Country. Experience your first time cross country skiing and get hooked. You know exactly why people love living here. And if not skiing, you love to skate or simply enjoy a relaxing snowshoeing adventure. Some of us have been known to do the snow dance to Heikki Lunta, the Finnish snow god.

Whatever you do, remember nothing compares to freshly fallen snow. Barely anything. So get out and enjoy the freshly fallen snow every chance you get. Savor it. Or simply stay inside and enjoy your snowfall memories. We all have them. Take new snow pictures. Try a new snow hobby. There’s so much to do and see with snow. Probably more than we have even imagined yet!


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