Lead not an issue at KML

EAGLE RIVER — After concern over the presence of lead-based paint at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge was voiced at a recent KML board meeting, board chairman Don Piche said that the Health Department would need to be called in to test the facility. Board member Jim Vivian expressed doubt that it was an issue. He began examining documents in reference to the mountain lodge, and found what he was looking for in a report entitled “Specifications for the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Expansion”, which was prepared by U.P. Engineers and Architects, Inc. of Houghton and dated August, 2006.

The 10-year-old report states that testing for lead-based paint and asbestos was completed in all the areas where minor demolition for remodeling was to occur. The report shows that painted surfaces did, in fact, contain lead-based paint at the facility.

The Daily Mining Gazette received by fax the section of the document to which Vivian referred.

“Contractors shall follow all state and federal regulations pertaining to lead-based paint,” the document reads. The report goes on to state that asbestos removal must be completed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractor.

Vivian said the specifications, as well as the regulations for handling the materials in question, were given to the contractors before renovation or demolition work began.

The specifications stated in the document include that contractors will “conform to applicable code for procedures when hazardous or contaminated materials are discovered.”

That the document confirms the presence of both lead-based paint and asbestos, and that regulations and procedures required by state and federal law for handling such materials by contractors are detailed in the report, Vivian said no further testing of the mountain lodge is necessary.