Looking Like Letup: Rain, temps returning to normal

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette A greenery filled field on Tomasi Road benefiting from higher-than-average rainfall in an otherwise average summer.

HOUGHTON — While the coming weeks are expected to be average in both rain and temperature, the yearly rain totals certainly aren’t.

According to reports near Quincy Hill, the area has received 26.3 inches of rain this year, according to Justin Titus, a meteorologist out of the National Weather Service in Negaunee.

The average through July is 14.92, 11.38 inches less than the amount fallen this year. There is more rain in the forecast before July ends, which will likely add to that above average number.

Predictably, the heavy summer rain storms on June 17 and July 12 were major factors in the spike, he said.

Though totals will vary based on the measurement location.

On the other hand, the yearly average temperature of 38.7 degrees through July is comparable to the 38.5 degrees average so far this year.

The coming weeks and months are predicted to have normal temperatures and precipitation.

In the immediate future, there is a chance of rain through the work week, which is expected to clear out for the weekend. Temperature highs are expected to be in the 60s and mid-70s.

For the first week of August, temperatures should remain normal, with highs around 77 or 75 degrees, Titus said. The chance of rain will be just slightly above normal.

“Through the rest of August it’s actually looking like pretty normal on the temperature and precipitation front,” he said.

For the three-month forecast of August, September and October precipitation is forecasted to be normal with temperatures slightly above average.

“It shows a little bit above normal or higher chances for warmer temperatures. A little bit above normal, not anything crazy,” Titus said.