Signing off from Walmart

Having obtained the milestone age of “not as young as I used to be,” I find myself looking with eager anticipatory eye toward the most desirable goal of home and hearth, and hence will be retiring after 30-plus years from my employment at our local Walmart after April 29.

I’d like to avail myself of this opportunity to express my gratitude to the many good customers whose paths I’ve crossed. Thank you for all the warm smiles, hugs, handshakes and back slaps. Much gratitude for allowing our staff by your patronage to sen dour children to college, put bread on our tables and keep our lights on. It’s been a privilege and pleasure to serve such a supportive and remarkable public.

It’s likewise been an honor to be a part of Walmart and work with such a diverse and eclectic team. Again, a deep bow.

To the poet Robert Louis Stevenson’s intent in “Requiem” somewhat out of context. I find it is now time to say, “Home is the sailor, home from sea, and the hunter home from the hill.” I hope to spend my days going forward doing some writing (a passion of mine), and likewise immersed in the study of many aspects of history. Be well, my friends, and I look forward to encountering many of you from “the other side of the counter.”

Best wishes.

Jim M. Gau



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