Seaplane paths may jeopardize bald eagle grounds

From seagull rookery, “important eagle-use area” and “foraging area” to public airport with zero public input. After our state and federal governments spent years rehabilitating our bald eagle population, now evidently anyone can run flight paths through their mating and feeding grounds without a permit.

To view a presentation of the federally protected species and the laws and recommendations that protect them, see bit.ly/3wZdrtz. (The file is large and may need to be downloaded to view.)

You will see courting bald eagles flying in the exact airspace that the seaplanes now take from them. You will also learn about the state and federal regulations that are being violated daily by the Isle Royale Seaplane operation.

At a bare minimum, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service should do a thorough study of the detrimental effects this operation will have on the nesting bald eagle population and seagull rookery on Torch Lake. To allow this to happen when a perfectly acceptable option for the seaplane operation, Houghton County Airport, is 3 miles away is a shame. If you wish to help maintain and sustain what makes the Keweenaw waterway special, please view the presentation and consider contacting your local reapresentatives and let them know what you think.

Erik Kiilunen



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