Lake Linden discusses flood funding

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gszette The Lake Linden Village Board met Thursday to discuss funding for flood relief.

LAKE LINDEN — Lake Linden continues to work towards receiving funding for repairs to damage from the June 17 flood.

Clerk Bob Poirier met with officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency Thursday regarding potential funding.

Poirier also received information from the Michigan Department of Transportation regarding compensation for emergency work done on Second Street in the days after the flood.

Poirier said the amount he came up with for approved work was “quite a bit larger” than the approved number MDOT came up with. The six invoices Poirier submitted were about $49,000 for the first six days, which covered items such as materials and trucking.

“Based on how they determine that amount, we’ll have to work that up with whatever FEMA comes up with,” he said. “We can’t double-dip that amount.”

Dick Supina of Traverse Engineering told Poirier the street should be surveyed prior to permanent paving.

“You guys did a great job, but it was a hurried job,” Poirier said. “They got it into a usable street pretty quickly … there’s still plenty of expenses out there, but we’ll see how MDOT treats my first report.”