Lake Linden has clean audit

LAKE LINDEN — Lake Linden-Hubbell Public Schools received a clean audit in its most recent report.

Sturos CPA of Calumet prepared the report, which covered the most recent fiscal year ending June 30.

The district had received about $10,000 less than anticipated at the end of the year. That still left it with a surplus of $113,606 as of June 30, up from $110,698 the year before.

Property taxes came in slightly less than expected, said Business Manager Jeff Klein. Superintendent Craig Sundblad said the district had budgeted for Medicaid funding through the Copper Country Intermediate School District that had yet to come in.

“We get it when they give it to us,” he said at the district’s November meeting. “We were just hoping it would come in before the end of the school year.”

The audit also found a deficiency in internal controls, which it attributed to the district having too small a staff to split duties as recommended. As a remedy, the audit suggested the board continue to provide oversight and independent review. The board concurred with the finding.

The board approved imposing a summer tax levy for property taxes within the school district.

Lake Linden-Hubbell will also participate in a needs assessment survey being conducted by Dial Help after the board’s approval. The district was one of four to participate in the previous survey two years ago, Sundblad said. Eighth, 10th and 12th grades will participate in the survey, Sundblad said.

Additions and revisions to Neola policies were also approved, covering policies such as social media usage and lending school property. Most of the changes were small revisions to comply with changes in the law, or updates to names, Sundblad said.

“That’s why we enroll in this agency,” he said. “They keep us up to date and they protect us.”

Student athletes, teams and coaches were recognized for honors earned during the varsity football and volleyball seasons.