Fire on deck: House fire results in little structure damage

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Water drips from the deck of a Houghton home immediately after personnel of the Houghton Fire Department considered the fire completely extinguished Saturday evening.

HOUGHTON — A discarded cigarette butt may be the cause of a fire that occurred at 306 Houghton Avenue Saturday afternoon. The resulting fire caused little damage to the home.

At approximately 8 p.m., the Houghton Fire Department was dispatched to the home in response to a report of a fire on a deck located at the rear of the home, but the quick response of the department resulted in minimal damage to the house.

“We’re thinking maybe a cigarette butt or something started it, but we’re not sure yet,” said Fire Chief Mike Reynolds, “but we knocked it down quickly, and we got it out, so everything’s okay.”

Reyolds said there was no smoke damage to the house, other than to say it will smell for awhile.

The fire department was assisted on the scene by the Houghton City Police, Hanock City Police, and MTU Public Safety.