County Safety Day another success

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Kids, as well as adults, got to experience climbing into the cabs of the Keweenaw County Road Commission’s heavy equipment.

MOHAWK — Mother Nature provided beautiful weather for Keweenaw County’s third annual Public Safety Day, which was a huge success, said Sheriff Bill Luokkanen who, for the third year, cooked hotdogs and said that everything went better than expected.

“We have an excellent turnout this year,” said Luokkanen, “which is surprising for all the other events going on in the area.”

Luokkanen said he believed this year’s event enjoyed the largest attendance so far. There was much to see and do.

Every fire department in the county participated in the event, with trucks and equipment on display, along with personnel to answer questions and explain what various safety equipment on display was used for and how it was used.

The Road Commission also had trucks and heavy equipment on display. Curious children and adults were welcome to explore the vehicles, and climb into the cabs. Vehicles on display included a grader, a front-end loader, and snowplows.

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Always a popular attraction at Public Safety Day, spectator got to watch the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Deputy DoGo attack and take down an unfortunate person in a very much padded suit.

Grant Township Fire Department conducted a jaws of life demonstration, cuttng up an SUV that had been donated for the event, and DoGo was also present to do a K-9 demonstration with his partner, Sergeant Brad Pelli. Luokkanen said the department received very good reviews on the demonstration.

In addition to vehicle displays, kids and adults alike were invited to learn how to escape a burning building by experiencing the smoke house, which is an RV equipped with smoke that fills the vehicle, requiring visitors to find the escape route while blinded by non-toxic smoke. Off-limits to adults, but greatly enjoyed by kids was the bouncy house.

Hotdogs, pop, potato chips, water, ice cream and candy were available to the public, free of charge, and were enjoyed by many.

“We are going through a lot of hotdogs today,” said Luokkanen, while he was busy grilling. “There’s a lot of people here today. I’m sure we’ll run out of food today.”

Luokkanen said volunteers for the event were happy that people came out to meet and talk with the people who serve them, which is what the Public Safety Day is all about.

“We’re very fortunate this year,” Luokkanen added, wishing to thank all who contributed to the event. “We had an excellent group of sponsors that came together to help us provide all the food, and pay for the bouncy house, the pop and water, and all the candy.”