Work load forces board member to step down

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Hancock School Board’s Vice President Mary Babcock stepped down from her position Monday, because increased duties assigned to her as city clerk left with with no time to dedicate to the position.

HANCOCK — The school board accepted with regret the resignation of Trustee and Board Vice President Mary Babcock at its regular July meeting Monday, who stepped down as a direct result of a staff shortage at Hancock City Hall, where Babcock is also city clerk.

Monday afternoon, Babcock explained her reasons for stepping down in an email to fellow board members. Board President Dale Kero read the email aloud during the meeting.

“At this time, I would like to (t)ender my resignation to the Hancock Public School Board,” the email stated. “I have been assigned additional duties in my current position, and I no longer have the time to dedicate to the school board.”

Babcock, who had served on the board for more than four years, was complimented by board members for her dedication and performance.

“I just want to mention Mary’s leadership,” said Trustee Randy Heinonen, “through some tumultuous months in the winter time with the way things went down, and I, by default, ended up being the president of the board. Mary was huge in stepping up and taking on responsibility in helping all of us, including me, get through that. So, I want to thank Mary for her expertise and her leadership.”

“Just to add to that,” said Board President Dale Kero, “it just goes to show…her rationale for resigning: because she can’t dedicate the amount of time to the board that it takes. And she’s mentioned that many times that she can’t give the time and effort that she knows it takes; she would rather step aside and let someone else do that.”

Trustee Wendy Chynoweth also expressed deep appreciation of Babcock’s service.

“And personally, she helped me as someone new on the board,” added Trustee Wendy Chynoweth, mentioning the number of times she called Babcock with questions, and she was always willing and happy to assist in finding the answers.

City Manager Barry Givens is absent on indefinite medical leave, and former Mayor John Haeussler stepped down in June, also due to medical issues.

With Babcock’s stepping down, board members elected Heinonen as vice president, the position he originally held last winter when former Board President Kevin Kalinec resigned. He was until Monday the board treasurer, the position Chynoweth was elected to fill.

The board will place a post on the school website later this week, requesting applications for Babcock’s replacement as interim trustee.


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