DB-TC millage passes

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette A view of the front of the Dollar Bay-Tamarack City School building. After passage of a $4.685 million bond, the building will receive some much-needed upgrades.

HOUGHTON — Improvements at Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools will go forward after Osceola Township voters approved a $4.685 million bond proposal Tuesday.

The 20-year bond proposal, Dollar Bay’s first since 1997, passed 192-168. Turnout was 25.8% in Osceola Township.

“We are thrilled and thankful that so many local residents responded to the needs of the school by supporting us with a ‘yes’ vote,” Superintendent Christina Norland said in a statement. “It was close, but clearly, a lot of people knew the school’s needs were real, and they came out to vote to keep our students safe, warm, dry, and thriving.”

The proposal includes a range of infrastructure, parking and security upgrades. The main office will be moved to the lower level, while old doors and the intercom system will be replaced.

Security film will be put on glass on the lower levels to prevent shattering. The system running the boiler will be updated, while the district will also add thermostatic controls.

The district is replacing its gym roof, which has been leaking, and to add a parking lot on property it plans to acquire through a land swap.

Other new construction will include elementary classrooms, locker rooms, a preschool and a second gym and multi-purpose space on the lower level at the site of the building’s original gym, known as the “Crackerbox.” The district is also looking at add or renovate bathrooms. The district’s kitchen area would be renovated to allow for food preparation; currently, meals are prepared at Houghton and transported.

Norland said the design phase will continue through the fall and winter, Norland said. Substantial construction will begin next summer.

“These improvements are going to directly impact our students, so we’re excited to get moving,” Norland said.