Second archery deer season to start Dec. 1

While one deer hunting season is underway, another recently completed.  That is the first of two archery deer season’s in Michigan. Archery, like many other forms of hunting has seen a decline in numbers of hunters, but as one District Governor of Michigan Bow Hunters states, “It’s for a reason that many may not think of.”

Larry Grieg of Ontonagon , former Governor of District 3 of the Michigan Bow Hunters Association, talks about the different forms of bows.

“There is traditional, which consists of long bow and recurve. With traditional you don’t use releases or sights. Then you have the compound bows,” explains Grieg.

Grieg states that while most archers use compound bows, there is a lot of traditional hunters and even traditional hunting clubs all over the state.

At a recent Michigan DNR meeting in Escanaba, the DNR openly admits that all forms of deer hunting is seeing a decline in the number of hunters.

“When I was the Governor we had all kinds of bow hunting classes for kids using either traditional or compound bows. We had a lot of kids,” explained Grieg. “Then they came out with the crossbow.  A lot of parents are buying their kids crossbows, along with a lot of adults are buying crossbows.”

Grieg affirms that a crossbow is more like a rifle, especially those with a scope on it.  Of which Grieg feels those that use a crossbow are missing out on what the “true sport of archery is.”

He goes on to say that the use of a traditional or a bompound bow makes a person a better hunter.

“You learn a lot by the use of a traditional or compound bow. You have to be close. It’s totally different than hunting with a gun or a crossbow,” Grieg states. “Everything has to be perfect to harvest an animal with a bow. You have to draw the bow back, and you’re right around 15 yards. You have to wait for your shot to make it a clean shot. You’re not shooting long distances.”

He feels that being an archer makes you an even better hunter with a firearm. 

“Because they learned through archery.”

Grieg admits that practice shooting your bow is imperative to being a successful archer.

“It is through practice that gives you confidence.  When I go into the woods I am confident that I can harvest an animal.” 

He also acknowledges that he would shoot 50 arrows a day before the season to have the confidence he has.

The second archery season starts on Dec. 1 and runs to Jan. 1.


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