Baraga County to form new political party


After the successful establishment of both the Houghton and the Ontonagon County Constitution Party, the Copper Country is going to have its third Constitution Party in Baraga County.

The Constitution Party is an affiliate of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan, through which they have ballot access.

Houghton and Ontonagon counties are the only two counties to be recognized as an established County Constitution Party. In addition to Baraga County, Keweenaw County also has a pending application to have a County Constitution Party.

The “startup” meeting for the Baraga County Constitution Party will be Wednesday, Jan. 29, at the Baraga Lakeside Inn. The meeting is to start at 7 p.m.

“Be a part of the growing movement to bring our country back to its constitutional roots,” said Mary Sears.

Sears has led the creation of both the Houghton and Ontonagon County Constitution Party.

“Many times a person will vote for the Democrat or the Republican, based upon the party’s candidate, in order to keep the perceived worse candidate from winning,” she said.

“While some may fear that the Constitution Party will take votes away from one of the major political parties.  We feel that the major political parties have gone away from our Constitution, and the Baraga County Constitution Party will hold every candidate to following what our forefathers wrote in the Constitution,” said Keith Almli, one of the organizers for the Baraga County Constitution Party.

The Conservative-leaning Constitution Party proclaims to have disenchanted Republicans and Democrats that are behind the formation of County Constitution Party’s throughout the state of Michigan.

“In addition to starting the Baraga and Keweenaw County Constitution Parties, we are looking for people to run for local and county offices on the ballot as the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan,” said Sears.

For more information on being a part of starting the Baraga County Constitution Party, you can contact Sears at 906-231-7205.