Lake Linden OKs paving projects

Garrett Neese/Daily Mining Gazette The Lake Linden Village Council approved $50,000 in paving projects Thursday, including on the 1000 block of Calumet Street, above.

LAKE LINDEN — Lake Linden approved its first paving project in 10 years Thursday. 

The Village Council approved about $50,000 in construction for the 1000 block of Calumet Street, Gregory Street at Beauchain Street, and Adelaide Street at 12th Street. 

Estimates were prepared by Siler Contracting for several spots identified as problem areas in the village. 

The 1000 block of Calumet Street will be resurfaced with 3 inches of pavement for a cost of $42,130. 

“Everybody agreed that the 1000 block of Calumet Street is a disaster,” Clerk Bob Poirier said. “…There’s about 30 speed bumps on that block.”

It’s possible the aggregate base, which would cost $12,600, won’t be necessary, Poirier said. That won’t be known until the existing surface is removed.

The section at Gregory and Beauchaine, which will cost $3,263, is a heavily traveled section of road near the baseball field, Poirier said. 

The Adelaide and 12th street project, which includes paving a dirt corner, will cost $2,230. 

A $2,125 project on Hecla and Pine streets has already been completed. The council did include the proposed paving of 740 feet on the loop at the village campground. Poirier said he had asked for an estimate to see what it would cost; the price, $16,280, was too high to consider, Poirier said. 

The Calumet Street project will come from the major streets fund, which has a balance of $72,202, while the others will come from local streets, which has a balance of $26,314. Poirier said the balances would receive revenues from upcoming summer tax collection.


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