Some contested races on November ballot

HOUGHTON — Houghton County will see several contested city and county races on the November ballot. 

• County board (two-year terms): In District 1, Republican Vice Chairman Tom Tikkanen is running against Democratic challenger Amber Brodersen. In District 2, Republican Chairman Al Koskela is running against Democratic challenger Mark Pavolich. In District 3, Democratic Commissioner Glenn Anderson is running against Republican challenger Dan Holcomb. Commissioners Gretchen Janssen and Roy Britz are running unopposed. 

In contested county official races, Democratic Clerk Jennifer Kelly is running against Republican challenger Justin Kasieta for a four-year term. Democratic Mine Inspector Murray Gillis is running against U.S. Taxpayers Party challenger Brian Mason for a four-year term. Republican Sheriff Brian McLean is running against independent candidates Josh Saaranen and Roger Sullivan for a four-year term. 

Treasurer Lisa Mattila, Drain Commissioner John Pekkala and Prosecutor Brittany Bulleit are running unopposed for four-year terms. 

12th Circuit Court Judge Charles Goodman and 97th District Court Judge Nicholas Daavettila are running unopposed. 


• Hancock: In Ward 3, Kurt Rickard and John Slivon are running for one seat with a four-year term. James De Clerck, John Haeussler, Margo Pizzi and Robert Stites are running for a partial term ending Nov. 30, 2022. Ron Blau and Richard Freeman are running unopposed for four-year terms in Ward 1 and Ward 2, respectively. 

• Houghton: Virginia Cole, Philip Foltz, Brian Irizarry, Joan Suits and John Sullivan are running for three positions with four-year terms. 


• Adams Township (four-year terms): Gerald Heikkinen (president), Debra Pindral (clerk), Tracy Immonen (treasurer), Diane Keranen (trustee) and Paul Eister (trustee) are running unopposed.

• Calumet Township (four-year terms): Beth Salmela (clerk), Thomas Helppi (trustee), Paul Lehto (trustee), Jeff West (trustee), David Yeo (trustee), Timothy Gasperich (supervisor) and Fay Mattson (treasurer) are running unopposed. 

• Chassell Township (four-year terms): Lynn Gierke (clerk), Ryan Kuntze (trustee), Daniel Palosaari (trustee), David Mattson (supervisor), Kelly Holmes (treasurer), are running unopposed.

• Duncan Township (four-year terms): Laurie Jo Houts, Fred Pitkanen and Joy Sanford are running for two trustee seats. Kathleen Allen (clerk), Judy Huffman (supervisor) and Sandy Margaritis (treasurer) are running unopposed.

• Elm River Township (four-year terms): Sherri Brandt (clerk), Richard Trudgeon (trustee), David Saari (trustee) John Reynolds (supervisor) and Cheryl Reynolds (treasurer) are running unopposed.

• Franklin Township (four-year terms): Tara Dulong (clerk), Mary Sears (supervisor), Jodi Mikesch (treasurer), Lawrence Julio (trustee) and Daniel Dulong Jr. (trustee) are running unopposed.

• Hancock Township (four-year terms): Ronald Racine Sr., Peter Giacoletto, and Ken Moyle are running for two trustee seats. Lori Makela Young (clerk), Michael Scott Young (supervisor) and James Moore (treasurer) are running unopposed. 

• Laird Township (four-year terms): Patrick McLaren and Brian Wilder are running for supervisor. Francis Tossava and Paul Peterson are running for constable. Robin Henry (clerk), Patricia Spencer (trustee), John Juntunen (trustee) and Nicole Krajnak (treasurer) are running unopposed.

• Osceola Township (four-year terms): Tracy Sleeman Houle (clerk), Mark Halkola (supervisor), Donald Wareham (trustee), Aaron Janke (trustee) and Christa Gardner (treasurer) are running unopposed. 

• Portage Township (four-year terms): Amy Skewes (clerk), Roy Britz (constable), Robert Laux (constable), Bruce Petersen (supervisor), Betsy Smith (treasurer), Peggy Lee Anderson (trustee), Bill Fink (trustee), John Ollila (trustee) and Bill Bingham (trustee) are running unopposed. 

• Quincy Township (four-year terms): Beth Helminen (clerk), Cheri Raasio (treasurer), Glenn North (supervisor) and Dennis Raasio (trustee) are running unopposed.

• Schoolcraft Township (four-year terms): Gary Wenberg (clerk), Joel Keranen (supervisor), Dennis Racine (treasurer), Susan Marcotte (trustee) and Josh Loukus (trustee) are running unopposed.

• Stanton Township (four-year terms): Glenn Ekdahl and John Mattila are running for supervisor. Mark Haataja, Michael Pionke, and Ryall Purdy are running for two trustee seats. Kara Heinonen (clerk) and Lori Anderson (treasurer) are running unopposed.

• Torch Lake Township (four-year terms): Mary Isola (clerk), Kathryn Moore (treasurer), Brian Cadwell (supervisor), Scott Sapino (trustee) and Lou Ambuehl (trustee) are running unopposed. 


• Ewen-Trout Creek Consolidated School District (four-year terms): Heather Borseth and Samantha Schutz are running unopposed. 

• Adams Township School District (six-year terms): Justin Marier, Eric Mattila and Ashley Wisniewski Sudderth are running unopposed. 

• Baraga Area Schools (four-year terms): Megan Haataja, Bruce Jahfetson, Bill Jondreau, Tony Loonsfoot, Lauren Scherr and Irvin Smith are running for three seats.

• Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium & Keweenaw (six-year terms): Philip Halonen, Jason Wickstrom and Daniel Zubiena are running unopposed.

• Elm River Township School District (four-year terms): Jason Moilanen and Joe Romano are running unopposed. 

• Hancock Public Schools: Charles Paoli is running unopposed for a six-year term. Catherine Jordan, Dale Kero and Rod Paavola are running unopposed for partial terms ending Dec. 31, 2022.

• Lake Linden-Hubbell Public Schools (six-year terms): Stacey Sedar is running unopposed for a six-year term. Rob Johnson is running unopposed for a partial term ending Dec. 31, 2024. 

• Dollar Bay-Tamarack City Area Schools (six-year terms): Steven LeClaire, Horst Schmidt and Jennifer Stout are running for two seats.

• Houghton-Portage Township Schools: Brent Burns, Philip Foltz and Amanda Massaway are running unopposed for six-year terms. Robert Fay and Scott Leonard are running unopposed for partial terms ending Dec. 31, 2022. 

• Stanton Township Public Schools (four-year terms): Jill Efraimson and Bradley Pennala are running unopposed. 

• L’Anse Area Schools (four-year terms): Joan Bugni and Allan Dantes Jr. are running unopposed.

• Chassell Township Schools (partial term ending Dec. 31, 2024): Randal Danison, Kenneth Kytta and Peter Torola are running unopposed. 

• Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District: Brian Amos, Bill Steiger and Carol Yakovich are running for two six-year terms. James Ojala is running for a partial term ending Dec. 31, 2002. 


• Calumet (four-year terms): Brian Abramson (president), Andrew Ranville (trustee) and Lori Weir (trustee) are running unopposed. 

• Copper City (four-year terms): Rick Kasprzak (president), Rebekah Kasprzak (treasurer), Reid Rastello (trustee) and Kim Spelich (trustee) are running unopposed.

• Lake Linden: Glenn Schuldt is running for a two-year term as village president. John Codere, Allan Hoffman and Jason Reese are running for three four-year terms. Donald Moyle is running for a partial term after being appointed to replace the late James Aittama. 

• Laurium (four-year terms): Patricia Golus (clerk), John Sullivan (president), Jon Koskiniemi (treasurer), and Jennifer Jenich-Laplander, Renee Salani, and Amy Schneiderhan (trustees) are running unopposed.

• South Range (four-year terms): Joe Morgan (clerk), George Eakin (president), Lindsay Balma (treasurer), and Cody Bonini, Kerry Jutila and Joshua Saaranen (trustees) are running unopposed.


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