Houghton High School releases exam attendance policy

HOUGHTON — Principal Cole Klein in a Monday email outlined the high school’s Attendance Procedure for the First Semester Exam Period:

Students that have opted-out of an exam with signed permission from BOTH the teacher and parent:

• You are not required to attend class during the exam period.

• The signed waiver (turned into the high school office by Tuesday, Jan. 19) will excuse you from class.

• If your opt-out exam is the first exam of the day, your parents WILL NOT need to call in to excuse your absence. The signed form is your parent notification to us that your absence is excused.

• If opt-out exam OR study hall is the second or third exam of the day, your parent MUST CALL our attendance line to give permission for you to leave the building AND YOU MUST SIGN OUT IN THE OFFICE before leaving.

• Students that ARE NOT called out by a parent must report TO THE LIBRARY during the opted-out exam period.

• Basic Rule to Remember: If you are in the building, you will need parent permission to leave and must sign out in the office (as normal).

Students (who) did not acquire a signature from BOTH the teacher and parent:

• You are required to take the exam in all classes that you did not opt-out of with parent/teacher signature.

• Your attendance is mandatory for each class during the exam period. As with previous years, an unexcused absence to an exam will result in failing the class.

• If you are absent for an exam, you must have a valid excuse confirmed by your parent. The exam will then be taken during a determined make-up period.

Make-up Periods will be:

• Wednesday – 2:05 – 3:30 p.m. with your teacher.

• Thursday – 1 – 3:30 p.m. in the library

• Friday – 1 – 3:30 pm in the library

Students are responsible for communicating with their teachers if they are absent, to determine a day/time to make up your exam.

Anyone with any questions regarding a specific scenario is welcomed and encouraged to reach out to the high school office.


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