Hancock approves new logo

Image provided by city of Hancock The Hancock City Council approved the city's new logo Tuesday. The features are drawn from a survey of residents about the city's qualities, such as "sunny side," bridge arches, recreation and school pride.

HANCOCK — The City of Hancock has a new logo.

The City Council approved the designs by a 6-0 vote at a special meeting Tuesday night.

The road to a new logo began about three years ago, when the city formed a five-member group as part of the Redevelopment Ready Communities process, said City Manager Mary Babcock. About a year later, the city began considering a website redesign.

The file from the old logo was found to be incompatible with the city’s new website. While it could have been recreated, Babcock said, the city opted to go with a fresh start.

Residents were surveyed on what the city meant to them. It identified 18 major values shared by Hancock residents, including history and our past, community pride, nature and Sisu. From there, a working committee of downtown business owners and representatives from the City Council, Downtown Development Authority and Planning Commission began working.

The logo shows a sunrise over the water, encircled by a black border. Colors represented the red of the Hancock Bulldogs; the blue of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge; and the black representing the miners.

The city is still working on a marketing plan, Babcock said. She would also like to bring it to the city’s Downtown Development Authority.

“We’ll get some stickers and a few other things to really highlight this and bring it out to the different areas of the city,” she said.

Council members also suggested adding a merchandise section to the city website, as well as reaching out to local businesses that might want to sell items with the logo.

The council was pleased by the new logo.

“It seems difficult to try to get anybody to agree on something, but I’m happy to see that that seems to be very well-received and looking forward to seeing this used in many contexts and circumstances,” said Mayor Paul LaBine.


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