Fire hydrants topic on tap in L’Anse

L’ANSE — During the Village of L’Anse’s meeting Monday, a water department representative provided a report on the village’s fire hydrants.

Lyle Olson of the L’Anse Water Department shared that the department removed three fire hydrants that were inoperable but were able to salvage a couple and return them to working condition.

He said that state officials will visit a number of the hydrants along US-41 and inspect the damage they have accumulated from salt and corrosion.

Its single bidder, Becker Arena Products, was awarded the contract at Meadowbrook Arena to take on the glass and board project. which will see brand-new boards installed. The majority of the cost will be covered by a Department of Natural Resources grant. In front of the arena is the farmer’s market stand which is nearing completion. The market is being primarily funded by the Copper Shores Community Health Foundation grant.

The board approved the payment of the village’s bills which amounted to $243,662.24. The largest expense came from water, sewage and garbage, amounting to $160,453.07.

President Ronald Ervast ended the meeting by commending the city workers for their work of maintaining the downtown area of L’Anse and making it look appealing.


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