Franklin Township has candidate shortage for board, clerk positions

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP – There are two open positions on the Franklin Township Board, but only one person applied to be on the Nov. 8 general election ballot by the Thursday deadline, according to Supervisor Glenn Ekdahl.

Ekdahl said one person filed to run for trustee, but no one filed for the open clerk position.

Trustee Mary Sears filed to run for supervisor on the partisan Aug. 2 ballot as a Republican. She is unopposed. However, Roger Sullivan of Paavola filed to run as supervisor unaffiliated with a party on the Nov. 8 ballot.

It’s Sears’ trustee position that will be available in November, and Larry Julio of Ripley filed to run for the seat unaffiliated with a party.

Also on the November ballot are Trustee Dan Dulong Jr., who is seeking re-election, and Jodi Mikesch is running for treasurer. Both are running without party affiliation.

All terms on the Township Board are for four years.

For a July 16 story in the Daily Mining Gazette, Ekdahl said the clerk position is vital for the township operation, because the clerk handles most of the paperwork, election details and some money issues for the township.

“That clerk job is very important,” he said.

After the November election, Ekdahl said the board members will probably discuss how to fill the clerk position. It might be necessary to appoint someone as clerk.


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