Baraga Cnty. Board takes steps to enhance courthouse security

L’ANSE – The Baraga County Board took action toward safety and security at the County Courthouse during its regular meeting on Monday.

County Clerk Wendy Goodreau told the commissioners there is concern by employees in the building that access to the building is not secure at certain times.

“We can’t lock the back door,” she said.

Goodreau said she priced two types of keyless-entry door locks; one was a push-button type for $773, and the other was a card-swipe type system for $988.

With the push-button-type locks, Goodreau said wear on the buttons eventually will indicate what the code is, which would allow anyone to use it.

“I think the card swipe would be the best,” she said.

Goodreau said employees’ cards would have a code programmed onto them. Commissioner Bill Rolof said he has experience with card-swipe locks. He suggested the board approve that type for the courthouse.

“It works well,” he said.

Commissioners voted unanimously to purchase a card-swipe keyless entry lock system.

At the end of the meeting, Commissioner William Menge suggested the county join with the village of L’Anse and L’Anse Township to challenge the request by CertainTeed and Shopko who are requesting the Michigan Tax Tribunal lower their local tax liability. Commissioners voted unanimously to join the other governmental units to challenge the request to the tax tribunal.


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