Emergency Measures

ONTONAGON – Having experienced some of the worst storms Mother Nature can dole out, village officials are talking about what they can do to improve emergency measures.

Village Manager Ken Waldrop said not only will the Fire Department sound a special siren to warn residents in the event of severe weather conditions, but local municipal leaders will target Township Park to ensure campers will be kept safe during dangerous storms.

“The township campground should supply an immediate shelter and another permanent one,” Waldrop said.

Emergency preparedness has become an issue in the Ontonagon area after two severe thunderstorms hit last month, on top of a tornado touching down a few years ago.

Waldrop used the phrase “tornado alley” to describe the area.

The new Ontonagon County Emergency Manager Michael H. Kocher will attend one of the next council meetings to discuss these and other emergency issues.

Waldrop said he hopes to ensure radio communication stays on at the Y101 radio station during power outages so residents can access updated news and information during future storms.

Village Public Works crews have been busy picking up debris from households after the July storms, but are done going door-to-door, for the most part, Village Clerk Marcia Aho-Black said.

Aho-Black said residents who haven’t had brush hauled from their homes during the past couple weeks can call the office to get storm debris picked up.

“If anyone has anything (else), they’ll have to bring it to the landfill,” Aho-Black said, referring to the dump behind the North Country Snowmobile Club.


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