1 mill fund would address building needs

L’ANSE – L’Anse Area Schools Superintendent Susan Tollefson detailed how an up to 1 mill sinking fund would address building and site needs for the next 12 years, if voters pass the measure Nov. 8 to the L’Anse Village Council Monday evening.

The measure will cost the average homeowner $3.33 per month or $40 per year, but due to bond refunding, taxes will not increase from 2015. The school will collect about $144,000 per year.

After the school gets the money, it will be used to fund a prioritized list of projects to make the school an updated, safe place for students to learn.

Hundreds of school districts in Michigan have a sinking fund millage, a limited property tax to fund such major repairs and renovations to school buildings.

Since the school district has not borrowed money for the projects, no debt is incurred and it does not pay interest on the money used.

Upon voter approval, facility upgrades will start with replacing the old high school roof, reconditioning the heating and ventilation system, energy conservation improvements in all buildings as part of an ongoing list of site repairs.

Visit the district’s website at www.lanseschools.org for information on the proposal as well as details about community meetings and presentations.