CCISD will offer crisis management to local districts

HANCOCK – In response to a request from local school superintendents, Copper Country Intermediate School District (CCISD) Superintendent George Stockero is creating an area-wide crisis management team.

At a recent superintendents round-table meeting, Stockero said he was asked about creating such a team. While every local school has its own crisis team, superintendents felt a more comprehensive organization would be of benefit.

“The area superintendents said it would be very helpful if an area-wide (team) could come in and help us as a school, help be a way onto the community, the public or the media, and also to help us with the ins and outs of handling a crisis,” Stockero said.

Stockero contacted four local counselors and a number of social workers who had attended a crisis management seminar this past fall, he said. “I met with them first and they all agreed they’d like to be part of that.”

Stockero met with Houghton County Sheriff Brian McClean and a clinical psychologist, Dr. Susan Donnelly. After a number of discussions, they provided Stockero a list of names from the community.

“I have emailed many people, and right now… I have eight people from various parts of the community,” Stockero said, “from police officers, to people in the hospitals, emergency workers, to mental health workers, to clergy, and so I now have a good, round list.

“We also invited one elementary principal, one high school principal, so somebody – I believe – from every corner (of the community).”

The organization of the team is in its infancy, Stockero said, “but talking to these people and asking them for their help, I have a lot of people who are stepping up and saying, yes, they want to be a part of this.”

Stockero is moving forward with the organization quickly, hoping to have the team in place soon.

“I’m going to start our first meeting in the next two weeks,” Stockero said, “and we will see if we’re missing any pieces, and we’ll create a team and help the local schools.”


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