Grant pays for Eagle Harbor Lighthouse roof

EAGLE HARBOR – The Eagle Harbor Lighthouse was built in 1871, and as can be expected, over the years it has needed significant maintenance, including a new roof. According to Larry Molloy, those repairs were greatly aided by funding from Keweenaw Heritage Grants.

Molloy, who is president of the Keweenaw County Historical Society, said the organization has applied for and received grants from the Keweenaw National Historical Park and its Advisory Commission each of the eight years the grant program has existed.

“We’ve had projects that have had multiple grants over the years,” he said.

The most recent grant the KCHS received was for repairs to the roof of the Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, which the organization owns, Molloy said. Other projects funded in part by the Keweenaw Heritage Grants – which require a one-to-one match by the recipient – included facade improvements to other buildings as well as restoration of exhibits, such as a life-saving surf boat and a historic piano, which survived a fire.

“We need money to repair and restore those things,” he said.

Molloy said although the Keweenaw Heritage Grants are appreciated, recipients often have to find additional funding for projects.

“The Heritage Grants haven’t paid for any one thing in totality,” he said.

The KCHS will apply for a grant during this funding cycle for the repair of the lighthouse tower roof, Molloy said.

Molloy said the Keweenaw Heritage Grants are important for helping people who are working to preserve the history of the copper-mining era.

“The park has really done an excellent job,” he said.


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