Baraga gets behind Casperson, Johnson

L’ANSE – Voters in Baraga County overwhelmingly supported Tom Casperson, R-Escanaba, and Democratic challenger Lon Johnson in the District 1 United States congressional race.

On the Republican ticket, Casperson garnered 532 votes, while Jack Bergman got 232 and Jason Allen got 67. Democratic voters chose Lon Johnson with 250 votes, over Jerry Cannon who got 103.

State Rep. Scott Dianda, D-Calumet, got 348 votes to represent the 110th District, while Republican candidate Gregory Markkanen got 597 votes.

Baraga County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph O’Leary got 588 votes running unopposed as a Republican.

For Baraga County Sheriff, Democrat Paul D. Smith got 235 votes and Republican Rick Johnson received 773.

Republican incumbents County Clerk Wendy Goodreau, Republican, got 713 votes, while Treasurer Anne T. Koski got 699.

In county commissioner races, Republicans Gale Eilola got 171 in District 1, and Calvin R. Koski got 139 in District 4. Democrats Michael R. Koskinen got 58 votes in District 2, Patrick Reilley got 74 in District 3, William Menge got 70 votes in District 4, and William Rolof got 63 in District 5.

Arvon Township Republicans Lisa M. Marinich got 89 votes for clerk, Krystal Larson got 85 for treasurer, and trustee candidates Keith A. Erickson and Karl G. Gipp got 80 and 67 votes respectively. On the Democratic side, 31 voters chose James Soli for supervisor.

In Baraga Township, Democrats Amy Isaacson got 106 votes for supervisor, Michelle Fish got 102 votes for clerk, and Catherine Wadaga got 101 votes for treasurer. Republican candidates for trustees Jerry Dompier got 153 votes and Glenn Juntunen got 166.

Covington Township Republican voters gave Amy Leaf 63 votes for clerk, while Laurie Ahola and Tom McCann got 53 and 37 votes respectively for trustee. Democrats Lisa M. Karcher got 33 votes for treasurer, and Lisa Tarvainen got 33 for trustee.

L’Anse Township voters gave Democrats PJ LeClaire 130 votes for supervisor, Brian Jentoft 136 for clerk, Kristine Rice 141 for treasurer, and Jennie E. Nordstrom and John P. Robillard 113 and 102 respectively for constable. Republicans voting for trustee gave Peter Magaraggia 242 votes, Shelley Lloyd 212, and Dan Grandy 66 votes.

Spurr Township voters gave Republicans Linda Legacy 36 votes for clerk, and Richard Taylor 34 for trustee. Democrats Michael Hosey got 17 votes for supervisor, Martha Nurmela 25 votes for treasurer, and Rose M. Ekdahl 24 votes for trustee.

Republican delegate candidates Burt Mason got 73 votes in Arvon Township, John C. Drennan got 68 votes for Baraga 1, Reuben Peterson got 27 votes in Baraga 3.

County voters supported all the ballot proposals: a county road proposal passed with 776 voting yes to 400 voting no; senior services passed 890 to 290; Arvon Township EMT passed 108 to 12; Baraga Township Fire passed 244 to 159; Baraga Township Ambulance Renewal passed 283 to 125; Spurr Township EMS passed 48 to 22; and Baraga Schools Operating Millage Renewal passed 227 to 120.