Houghton skatepark project receives donation

HOUGHTON – Neuvokas Corporation of Ahmeek donated $1,000 to the Houghton Skatepark Project, along with discount on rebar at an estimated value of of $5,500. The rebar will play an important role during the construction phase of the project, according to a release from the Keweenaw Community Foundation.

“Local material donations like these are a great example of community collaboration,” said Alex Aho, co-founder of the Houghton Skatepark Project. “The Keweenaw isn’t the wealthiest area, but our tight-knit community and hard work ethic push this project forward as if it was.”

The rebar is manufactured by the Neuvokas Corporation, which was founded in 2013 to produce fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar at competitive prices to steel rebar.

A group of community leaders formed in 2015 with the goal of building a phase-centric park, with the first phase covering approximately 3200 square feet and costing $125,000. Second–and potentially third–phase additions will be smaller and cost less.

The Houghton City Council voted 4-2 in May of this year to put the skatepark in East Houghton Park, near the Super 8 Motel.