Undersheriff receives appreciation

HOUGHTON – At a brief ceremony held last week, Houghton County Undersheriff Roy Britz was presented with a plaque for more than 20 years with the Sheriff’s Department. Britz, who retired from the department this past Friday, Oct. 2, was honored for his time as undersheriff.

Sheriff Brian McLean was slightly emotional as he presented the plaque to his lifetime friend.

“We first met on January 23, 1958 when our mothers were in the hospital, and we were born,” McLean said. Britz and McLean went to school together, played high school football together, and later served together on the city of Houghton Police Department.

“We worked at the Sheriff’s Office together, and we put the last 20 years in here as administrators. It’s been a great run,” McLean said during the ceremony.

The plaque included the badge worn by Britz during his time with the department.

“I was hoping he’d find his jacket. It’s missing something. On behalf of the Sheriff’s Office, we stole it, and put it together,” McLean said in reference to the plaque. The plaque is engraved with Britz’s accomplishments over the past 27 years he has been with the department.

Britz accepted the position of Deputy Chief with Michigan Tech Public Safety, saying he has much more to offer the public, and he is not ready to retire from public service.

“We do appreciate all the service he had given,” McLean said. “We congratulate Michigan Tech for hiring the top police administrator in the U.P. He’s done a great job here. Roy is the detail guy, A to Z, everything’s done, conscientious over the department; you won’t find dedication like that anywhere. We certainly appreciate it and he’s irreplaceable, but I’m going to have to replace him with somebody.”


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