Bulldogs see minimal flood damage in schools

Kali Katerberg/Daily Mining Gazette A gym floor at Hancock is now warping after floods caused water damage, a replacement is currently in the works.

HANCOCK — The school did not escape completely unscathed from the Father’s Day flood but the damage was minimal and will be covered by insurance.

Superintendent Kipp Beaudoin updated the School Board Monday on the status of flood damage including a gym floor and carpet cleaning in the auditorium, as well as water damage to the interior entry of Barkell Elementary.

By acting quickly, the auditorium carpet near the stage was saved by pumping out the water and cleaning. For now, they appear to be in good condition, but an extra eye will be kept on them for any issues.

The floor of the small gym saw the most damage with water traveling up to damage the wooden floor causing warping. A replacement will be needed but also is covered by insurance. A quote for repairs is still in the works with contractors hoping to replace the floor in tandem with one at Houghton.

After looking at the damage, Beaudoin suspects the water found a way in after hill runoff overwhelmed the back of the building.

“There’s a cement slab underneath the wood floor and what we suspect is it flooded under there and rose up through the wooden floor. So it got trapped between the two,” he said.

The subfloor will need to be checked for failure before the wood floor is replaced.

Beaudoin hopes to have the gym fixed before school starts but notes that repair work is backed up in the area due to the widespread damage.

“In terms of priority, there are folks that have more serious issues than we have,” he said.

The board also voted unanimously to keep the year’s board meetings on the third Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.