Copper Country Life Chain event

HOUGHTON — Announcing the Copper Country Life Chain our Nation: Sunday afternoon, Oct. 4 from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

Those concerned about the life of the unborn in our country will form a “Life Chain” along M-26 from the Copper Country Mall toward the Bridge.

This silent, prayerful stand is to proclaim abortion to be a grave wrong and to steadfastly oppose the killing of pre-born boys and girls, as well as the exploitation of their mothers by the abortion industry throughout our nation.

Uniform signs that state “Abortion kills children; Jesus forgives and heals; Adoption: the loving option; Lord forgive us and our nation; Abortion hurts women; and Life: the First inalienable right” will be passed out to all who join the Life Chain.

Everyone who believes in the protection of pre-born children and their mothers is urged to attend.

Small children under close parental supervision are welcome. Anyone who wishes to sit with a sign may bring a chair. All who participate should dress as warmly as the weather requires. Bear in mind that we stand quietly for an hour, so warmer clothing than used when exercising will be needed.


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