Aspirus Health shares safety tips for contact lens wearers

LAURIUM — If you wear contact lenses, when was the last time you replaced the lens storage case? Has it been longer than 90 days?

Do you ever wear your contact lenses while taking a shower or sleep with them in?

Wearing contacts can make seeing the world in 20/20 vision comfortable and convenient. But contact lenses do come with some risks, especially if you don’t wear them as directed or care for them properly.

These risks can include an eye infection or other serious eye problems, which can lead to blindness in extreme cases.

“Regularly leaving your contact lenses in for a long period of time or overnight can increase your risk of developing a painful and eyesight-threatening infection,” said Taylor Douglas, OD, optometrist for Aspirus Health.

In recognition of May being Healthy Vision Month, Dr. Taylor Douglas shares the following tips on how to best protect your peepers when you’re a contact lens wearer:

— Clean your lenses properly. Rinse and rub your lenses as directed by your eye doctor.

— Don’t wear your contact lenses while sleeping. This is a big no-no unless your doctor says it’s OK.

— Always use fresh lens solution in your lens storage case. Never add fresh solution to old solution to top it off. And never reuse the solution.

— Remove your lenses before showering, swimming or using a hot tub. And never use water to clean or store your lenses. Even tap water may harbor infection-causing germs. Contact lenses make it easier for these germs to enter your eyes.

— Replace as directed. Don’t wear or use your lenses for longer than recommended.

— Store lenses safely. Change your contact lens storage case every three months–or sooner if your doctor tells you to.

“Poor contact lens hygiene is known to cause infection,” Dr. Douglas said. “Wearing contact lenses is safe if wearers carefully follow personal hygiene.”

For more ways to keep your eyes healthy, consult an eye care specialist at an Aspirus location near you. For more information visit aspirus.org.


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