Dial Help receives donation of drug deactivation kits

HOUGHTON — You may have heard the news that there were an estimated 93,331 overdoses in 2020, a record high up 30% from 2019. This is the kind of number that can make people feel hopeless to stop opioid misuse. But there are everyday things you can do to make an impact. One of them is safely disposing of prescription drugs.

There are drug disposal sites available across the UP where people can drop off expired or unused prescriptions. Another option is drug deactivation kits that allow old prescriptions to be safely disposed of in the trash, without the risk of being abused if someone finds them, or polluting local groundwater. To support safe disposal efforts, the AmerisourceBergen Foundation donated 1,000 drug deactivation kits to Dial Help.

Dial Help will work with Communities That Care (CTC) coalitions to distribute these kits in 10 counties. CTC is a prevention model that brings parents, professionals, and community members to the table to work together to stop risky behaviors in youth – like substance use and depression – before they start. The CTCs in the UP participated in Narcan Distribution Day in August with DHHS to get Narcan into the hands of those who need it. Narcan is a life-saving opioid reversal nasal spray, and anyone with an opioid prescription (or using other opioid drugs) should have Narcan available in case of accidental overdose.

The drug deactivation kits will be provided at the Narcan Distribution Day events, along with resources for treatment and harm reduction. Any left over will be available by request, or distributed with community partners such as law enforcement or health departments. Dial Help and the CTCs thank AmerisourceBergen for their generous donation to address opioid misuse.

This project was also supported by NorthCare Network and Peninsula Pharmacy. Dial Help offers assistance finding treatment for addiction (also known as Substance Use Disorder), as well as linkages to harm reduction for people not yet ready to stop using drugs. Their crisis line is available 24/7 by calling 800-562-7622, texting 906-356-3337, or chatting online at www.dialhelp.org. Learn more about Narcan Distribution Day and CTC at www.upctc.com. You can find the AmerisourceBergen Foundation at www.amerisourcebergen.com/foundation.


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