USPS urging customers to clear ice, snow for letter carriers

HOUGHTON — In order to help letter carriers deliver mail more safely, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is asking customers to clear ice and snow from their mailboxes and homes.

Those receiving door deliveries should shovel sidewalks, stairs and porches to allow for easy delivery. Customers receiving curbside delivery should clear any snow piles that plows may have caused. Mailboxes should be accessible and free of ice or snow.

“Snow and ice make delivery dangerous and slow,” said District Manager Diane Ingland, Michigan 2 District. “Maintaining a clear path to the mailbox – including steps, porches, walkways and street approach – will help letter carriers maintain consistent delivery service.”  

The USPS says mail and deliveries may be curtailed if letter carriers cannot reach the mailboxes or homes safely. Ingland says curtailing is a last resort for the USPS, and that any curtailed deliveries will be attempted the next day.

Any residents or businesses that have blue collection boxes near their property are also asked to keep them clear of ice or snow. These boxes allow residents to send mail and carriers to collect mail for deliveries.

Ultimately, Ingland says the emphasis on clearing snow is on carriers’ safety while delivering after wintry conditions.

“We want our letter carriers to be safe,” said Ingland. “We can only do this with the help of our customers.”


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