70th Annual CCVFA Tournament: Rain didn’t dampen enthusiasm

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette The fire hose race, like all other tournament events, began with each team donning their firefighter gear as quickly as possible.

HUBBELL — Rainy weather and temperatures in the mid-50s died not dampen the spirits of firefighters during Saturday’s Copper Country Volunteer Firefighters Association Tournament.

The 70th annual event was hosted by the Hubbell VFD this year. The theme of the tournament was Disco Inferno.

As always, the tournament kicked off at approximately 9 a.m. with members of departments from across the four-county Copper Country competing in a series of timed events and races designed to challenge the skills of each member of each department.

There are several reasons for the tournaments that have been a Copper Country tradition since 1954. They offer an excellent opportunity for the departments to showcase and demonstrate the skills and efficiency of individual team members, as well as their skill and ability to use their skills to function together as a single team.

The timed events follow a stringent set of rules that are exact and detailed, including each member having putting on his firefighting clothing and equipment on properly.

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Each team member during the 70th Annual Copper Country Volunteer Firefighters Association Tournament races to roll up a hose, then carries it to the designated area. The tournament was held Saturday at Hubbell Park.

For example, during Saturday’s Fire Hose race, the event began with each team sitting with their backs against their chairs. From that position, they dressed into their boots, helmets and jackets, with three clasps closed, as quickly as possible, before crossing the starting line. Just across the starting line were five fire hoses, side by side, laid out on the ground. Each racer was to roll up a hose, then bring it to the designated area. The area consisted of a small circle spray-painted on the ground, in which all five hoses, rolled up, were to be stacked up completely within the circle. Once that was completed, each team member was to race back to his or her chair. The timer was stopped once all racers was seated.

Stanton Township was first team, followed by Hurontown, with South Range following.

The next team, Hurontown was disqualified before any of its members picked up a hose from the ground. The reason? One of the members did not have all of the three clasps of his coat closed. The timer was stopped for the third team, again with a question regarding a member’s coat clasps. Once it was determined that everyone’s clasps were closed properly, the team re-started the race from the beginning.

The series of events was scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to 11:55 a.m. A firefighters Dress parade was scheduled for the evening.

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette In the fire hose race, all of the hoses must be stacked up inside of a designated circle on the ground.

Graham Jaehnig/Daily Mining Gazette Volunteer Fire Department team captains assemble in the fire hose race area before the event begins.


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