Adventure Mountain Raceway Re-opens

After a long “Fishing Trip” and over a 1000 miles, the famous 1/3 Mile Clay Stock Car Racing Track in Greenland will re-open for Stock Car Racing on Friday, Night, July 22nd.  Adventure Mountain Raceway, which dates operations back to the late 1960s, after having closed for 7 years, will re-open with Pure Stock, Street Stock, Midwest Modifieds, along with Junior Sprint and the Motorcycle engine propelled Micro Sprint 600’s. 

Stock Car Racing in many classes will be back on Friday Night, July 22, July 29 and August 5.  After the August 5 event, racing will return on August 19, September 2 and wave the final checkered flag for the season on September 16. 

“We’ve been working on the grounds for months, and we’re excited to live out a dream,” explained new Track Owner, Josh Faulk.  It is a real family endeavor, as Josh’s wife Ashley, and Father in Law, Steve Sutton, purchased the track from the Mountain Lions Club in Greenland last fall. 

“It has been our dream to own a race track for many years.  Our family has been on both sides of Racing.  From being a Fan, to being behind the wheel, or handlebars,” commented Josh Faulk. 

Their daughter, Piper, is also a racer as she has competed on Go-Carts.  Josh has raced Go-Carts, ATV’s, and Stock Cars, as has Sutton.  The one that kept everything going is Ashley. 

“While it has been stressful at times, and a lot of work in getting the grounds ready for the Demo Derby, I’m excited to finally re-open the track,’ commented Ashley Faulk.  “We sold our house in Oregon, packed up and moved to Bruce Crossing.  Basically changed our life!” 

With nothing happening at the track for so many years, the family had to repair or replace guard rails, water tanker, and dozens and dozens of trips around the track with a grader.  They got the concession stand ready and have ordered the food and drinks.   

The Track will have a full list of food and drink at their concession stand.  “I love the walking tacos.  No need to cook on race nights,” exclaimed racer and fan, Jeff Hartman.   

The Mountain Lions will bring back their 50/50 raffle during the races. 

“We’re going to continue keeping the races as very family friendly and very affordable,” explained the Faulks.  “Pit Passes will only be $15, ages 4 and under are free. Ages 5-15 will be $5, 16 and older $10.  Senior Citizens and Veterans will only be $8.” 

Ashley Faulk gives directions for those competing.  “Don’t forget, we are asking everyone to come in on Depot Rd., sign in at the ticket booth with my lovely little helper. She will have you sign your pit wavers and give you your pit bands, then you can go to the second gate, and drive out on to the track and into the center of the track.” 

“We’ll have special classes and special promotions throughout this year and for many years to come,” Sutton stated.  “Right now we’re focused on making the track safe, fun, and very competitive.” 

When asked if the leafs and pine needles are cleaned out of the race car that Baraga County’s Al Dantes Jr. raced for years at Adventure Mountain Raceway, he proclaimed, “It’s ready and roarin’ to go!” 

Racing will start at 7:00 p.m. ET for the re-opening of the track on July 22nd.  Rules are listed on the Adventure Mountain Raceway Facebook page. 

For Race fans and racers, the wait for the track to re-open is finally over.  “We do have a few sets of bleachers, but there is a lot of area for you to bring camp chairs, and blankets,” concluded Josh Faulk.


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