How to love the Earth

In view of Valentine’s Day, here are some ways to love the Earth by throwing away less.

• Bring a reusable bag to the grocery store so you don’t have to take plastic bags.

• Recycle your collection of plastic bags at the grocery store.

• Carry a refillable water bottle. Water bottled in plastic is often untested and, as has been shown, contains microscopic plastic.

• Carry a coffee mug.

• Don’t accept plastic tableware. Carry your own.

• Provide your own take-out container and urge restaurants to switch to paper or aluminum foil rather than Styrofoam or plastic.

• For parties, avoid throwaway tableware. Use plates, silverware and glassware.

• Don’t wish cycle. Pizza boxes, cardboard milk containers, six-pack rings and plastic without the recycle logo go in the trash.

• Compost your organic food waste in a backyard compost pile.

You can make a difference.

This message is courtesy of the Copper Country Recycling Initiative.


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