Exploring the Copper Country on foot

Hiking is a favorite recreational activity for most in the Copper Country. The area offers a huge variety of opportunities and destinations to explore. There are trails and trails and more trails. The sun shines brightly throughout the entire Copper Country for hiking here. There is no better day than today to find your trail.

Countless trails and lake shore areas to hike are literally everywhere in our area. Hiking is the must do for any outdoor enthusiast for the spring or summer. It is also an activity that most can do as well. Especially shorter hikes, with easier terrain. Remember to set a good rhythm and pace that suits you and the distance you want to hike.

Fresh air and amazing outdoor scenery is one of the best aspects of hiking here. Once you decide on a trail or area to hike, then simply wear the best hiking shoes or supportive shoes you have. Take some bare necessities as well. Depending on your destination and length of your hike.

Deep woods hikes in the Copper Country are easy to find in particular because we have so many places that offer just that. Of course, it’s best to plan ahead for those. Checking the weather forecast, and making sure to be prepared for everything. The best part of deeper hikes are the odds seem to increase for seeing wildlife. Fox, coyotes and bears to name a few. Birds of all kinds and an abundance of deer, skunks and raccoons. The wildlife out there is incredible to see up close.

Short hikes are nice on limited time and allow you to explore with less planning ahead. It’s beneficial all around to get outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. Then you can get a feel for how you like a certain trail or area better. Remember to bring some hiking poles if you’re going to be on more uneven terrain.

Hiking is good for building up your endurance, strength and muscles. It is also extremely beneficial for your brain to be out in nature. Hiking can be incredibly relaxing and fun for an hour or a few hours. Being outside amongst all the green trees and nature in general is purely the best medicine there is around.

Trails in the Copper Country can be found in nearly every town. There are so many to choose from here. Or perhaps, even hike along Lake Superior’s shores. Or find one of our many rivers to hike along. The sights and sounds are music to the ears. Hiking along a nice dirt trail or river bank trail is simply the best.

Hiking gives you the best views around. There are so many different places and outdoor scenery that is phenomenal here in the Copper Country. In some locations, make sure you go up onto the ridgeline, so you get a whole new vantage point. Breathtaking views.

Remember to plan for some basic necessities, such as water, proper hiking boots, poles and a great backpack. Then decide if you’re up for a solo hike or a group one. Next, start with a plan and plan for the unexpected, too. Make sure you know where you’re going and keep dry if it’s raining outside. Hypothermia is a real thing. Check the weather forecast, and plan accordingly for it.

It’s not unheard of to hike in the rain as long as you keep dry. Have extra clothing on hand, and have a great raincoat with you. Make sure if the trails get slippery that you slow down. Keep dry and remember bug spray for sure if the mosquitoes are out. Dancing in the rain is an experience that is never forgotten.

Hiking up here in the Copper Country is the best part of everything. There is nothing better than our woods, trails, rivers or Lake Superior’s shoreline. Top trails are Copper Harbor, Bare Bluff, Horseshoe Bay, up north. Also, easier trails are Tech, Chassell, Swedetown in Calumet and Maasto Hiihto in Hancock. Plus, Houghton’s own downtown waterfront trail and Nara nature park trails. Be prepared, and be prepared to have one of your best adventures of the spring.


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