Carbon emissions

To the editor:

The greenhouse is a dome created to hold down the natural gas given off by the plants and the decomposition of manure and fertilizers, (rotting material). Hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

All these gases are needed by the plants and the atmosphere to do as it does to keep this beautiful garden we live in growing properly.

One of these gases creates the dome like you do for your homemade greenhouses, trapping the other gases underneath it. You have a fan in your greenhouse to move the hydrogen sulfide and methane gas around so it doesn’t explode, (a thunderstorm inside of the greenhouse).

Excess ammonia melts the wax off the leaves and other plants, sulfur dioxide is an acid rain which also in excess is very noticeable, (tree die off).

These gases can also be very harmful to humans and animal life. These gases can also break down the natural immune system of the air you breath, (the atmosphere).

What is it that could throw all of these things off balance?

A sewage lagoon, the decomposition of rotting sewage for instance, a large wine vat. 1.4 million wine vats were built in Michigan alone, they were also built all over the world in the 80’s and 90’s.

Check out my movie at sewagelagoons.wordpress.com.

A Michigan Technological University professor and two scientists all agree with my findings. My teacher is the Holy Spirit, if I told you about my religious awakening would you believe me? I try my best to live by the truth. I wish others did. This would be such a beautiful kingdom. I can only pray.


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