A Visit from Santa Claus (Yooper Version)

It was da night before Christmas, when all trew da house,

Der was nobody making no noises, not even doze mouses;

Da chukes hung on da chimney wit care,

Wit hope dat St. Nick wood be der, eh;

In sweaters and union suits, da kits were snug in bed,

Wit dreams of pannukakku dancing in der heads.

Mudder in her scarf and me with a kromer on my head,

Had just settled down for a winter’s snooze in our bed;

When out on da snow banks der come-a big noise,

I yumped from bed tinking “It’s doze neighbor boys”;

I ran to da window to check out da crash,

Could-a made it faster, but I was full of mudder’s hash;

Da moon was shining trew da falling snow,

Lighting up da wood furnace smoking below;

When, whaa! to my eyes saw — I yelled “Wow!”

But a little flying sleigh pulled by eight teeny-weeny snow cows;

Da little old driver wore red clappers on his paws,

I knew in a moment is must be Santa Claus (or

maybe Heikki Lunta…Nope, it was definitely Santa.)

Da sleigh hung a Michigan left, did a yogi in mid-air,

As he whistled and hollered da cows’ names out der;

“Now Toivo! now Eino! now Katja and Sanna!

On Armo, on Urho! on Milla and Marja!

To the top of the banks! to the top of the wall!

Now dash away! dash away! dash away all”

So up to da housetop da bridled herd flew,

Wita sleigh full of toys and dat guy in da red suit too;

In no time, I heard on da snow-covered roof,

Da sliding and pawing of all doze hoofs.

Before I could get my head back in and turn around,

Down da chimney came Santa wit a bound.

Wit a bayg of toys flung on his back,

Ya, he looked like a peddler opening his pack.

His eyes — how dey twinkled! His dimples merry!

His cheeks were like roses, nose like a Michigan cherry!

His beard was white like da sparklers on my feet — or da snow.

He hadda big face with a round belly,

That shook when he giggled, like a bowl of Jam Pot jelly.

He didn’t say nuttin’ but went straight to his work,

Filling up da chukes and turning wita jerk,

And laying his finger on da side of his nose,

He nodded and whaa! — up da chimney he goze.

And I heard him holler as he drove out of sight:

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


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